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What happens when my oil/gas lease expires?

31 Jul

In some cases, a lease will specify when the company must cease drilling or indicate if there are primary or secondary terms Most leases contain a “forfeiture provision” which means: If the drilling company doesn’t comply with the lease, you may terminate negotiations or the lease at any time Call me at 724-745-4030 for more […]

What is a Pugh Clause & why does it matter?

17 Jan

As we have said many times throughout this blog, a standard gas lease is not written to protect you.  They are written to strongly favor the gas companies.  No consumer advocates groups or landowners took part in writing these leases.  Before you sign a lease, then, be sure you are protected as much as possible. […]

How to Know the Value of Your Mineral Estate

07 Dec

With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what your property is worth, especially what oil and gas rights you possess.  There is also a possibility that your property could contain gas reserves, but you actually don’t own the rights yourself! One way to find out: review your own records.  Look […]

The Marcellus is as Active as Ever – Be Prepared

07 Dec

Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that compared to October of 2011, Pennsylvania and other Mid-Atlantic states produced 72 percent more gas than before.  Clearly, the natural gas boom is as active as ever. With so much drilling taking place, it is as important as ever to make sure that you, the property owner, are […]

Do you want to terminate your lease?

07 Dec

Frequently, I come across people who are, in some way, dissatisfied with how their lease turned out.  Perhaps they aren’t receiving as much as they wanted in royalties, for example, and now wish to terminate their lease. Ultimately, there are a few factors that can be reason for lease termination.  One way out is if […]