Attorney Roger J. Gaydos-Your Western Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Expert.

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Roger_J_Gaydos copyWhy Choose Roger Gaydos As Your Marcellus Shale Attorney?

 Experience: I have made it my mission to become an expert on Marcellus Shale issues since the onset of the gas rush in Western PA. and, I’ve practiced law since 1972 with an emphasis in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business Law, and Business Succession – all areas of your situational profile which will generally be affected by executing an Oil and Gas Lease with potential royalties and land bonuses.

Team: I’ve taken great care to assemble a network of experts including banks, accountants and financial advisors who understand the issues my Marcellus Shale clients face and know just how to help when their expertise is required. My office is fully staffed and we are always a phone call away when your concerns need addressed.

NARO (National Association of Royalty Owners) Member

I stay on top of royalty issues with folks across PA that have royalty interests, including state compliance issues, duties of the various energy companies, mathematical royalty determinations, etc.

Background & Qualifications:

• Born & Raised in Washington County
• Graduated Washington & Jefferson College and Duquesne University Law School
• U.S. Army Officer – East/West German Border & Vietnam (During Tet Offensive)
• Assistant District Attorney Washington County – 2 ½ Years
• Private Practice: Pennsylvania Licensed Attorney for Over 35 Years

Judgment: The client’s wishes have always been first in the factors I weigh before I recommend a course of action.

Respect: I regard the wishes of my client and the story behind their issues as paramount.

Humility: Never do I permit any factor to cause me to disregard this basic character trait.

Temperament: Nothing forces me to sway from my belief in calm, considered action.

Appreciation for the Law: The law holds within it the fluidity to allow advocacy of my clients’ positions. I challenge myself with continuing education so that I may be knowledgeable about changes in the Law and the opportunities those changes bring for my clients.

So how is Roger Gaydos different from other attorneys?

Because I listen, not only to your story, but to what’s behind the story — your feelings, concerns, anxiety – they all have meaning and are relevant to your Marcellus Shale Oil and Gas Lease issues.

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